The Baby Bloom Team

גיא טצה מייסד בייביבלום

Guy Tatsa
(CEO and Founder)

Inspired by his own personal struggle navigating the complexities of the surrogacy process, Guy founded Baby Bloom, an international surrogacy agency whose sights are set firmly on educating, assisting and empowering all prospective clients along their route to parenthood. Coupling his extensive medical background (a BA in Medical Sciences and an MA in Psychology and Medical Sciences) with a long-standing commitment to promoting and protecting the human rights of individuals, communities and nations worldwide, Guy’s initiatives are focused on making a positive impact on both the domestic and international surrogacy process.
A noted industry figure, Guy is regularly sought-after by the media, the research community, and academia for his opinions on issues relating to fertility solutions and their attendant social, political and psychological considerations. He is a keen advocate of the LGBTQ cause, having spearheaded the first Gay Pride in Israel; written countless publications on gender identity, expression and discrimination; and having previously owned a leading global marketing agency whose founding ethos of social responsibility manifested in an open and inclusive environment where all individualsare respected and valued.
Guy currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, with his partner of 21 years, Luci, and their three children, Ella, Eitan and David.

אור ליפץ

Or Lipetz
(Head of Marketing and Client Relations)

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Or has extensive experience working in marketing and online advertising, having studied Business Management at undergraduate level and subsequently applying these skills to a 7 year career in client relations.
Shortly after building a family of his own, however, Or’s interests shifted. Inspired by his own sense of parental fulfilment and recognising the immense advantages to be gained from making the dreams of other prospective parents a reality, he decided to join the team at Baby Bloom and wholly devote himself to its crusade of promoting social and political justice on a global scale.
Whilst bringing a wealth of knowledge to Baby Bloom from his previous client-facing experiences, Or nevertheless demonstrates a tireless commitment to continue refining his interpersonal skills, fine-tuning his marketing approach and honing his business attitude. Confronting unique challenges and novel commercial situations on a daily basis, Or’s responsibilities are constantly changing, encompassing everything from establishing and maintaining healthy business partnerships to strategising and implementing client promotions, all with a view to upholding Baby Bloom’s brand narrative and global trajectory.

קסיומרה ברננדס

Xiomara Hernandez
(Spain Representative)

Xiomara’s nomadic and adventurous life has seen her voyage to the farthest reaches of the globe.
From a childhood growing up in Spain, through to a few years of intrepid travelling and learning in Europe and Oceania and, eventually, to settled, married life in Israel, Xiomara’s thirst for cultural enrichment knows no bounds. She is an anthropologist at heart, always eager to broaden her
horizons and enrich her knowledge. Xiomara’s undergraduate studies in Tourism Management inspired her to, among other things, set out into the great unknown and discover the world for herself. She later completed an additional degree in Advertising and PR in Madrid, which served as the basis for her work experience as an events manager, a savvy entrepreneur, a language instructor and, most recently, a valued member of Baby Bloom’s international team. Responsible for the daily management of the Madrid office,
Xiomara is passionate about creating opportunities for parents of all types to build families: she serves as a resource for information and guidance to all prospective IPs, supervising the process until its completion.

לילך אברני

Lilach Evrany
(Clients Manager)

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Lilach served in the army for 9 years as a Captain, leading the programming department of her unit. After her release in 2006, she pursued a career in project management at a software company, only to later segue into events management for high-profile restaurants worldwide. By a fortunate stroke of serendipity, she found herself working on a project with Baby Bloom CEO and Founder, Guy Tatsa. Realising Baby Bloom’s immense potential to re-shape conventional attitudes towards the traditional
familial dynamic, whilst guarding fiercely against intolerance and prejudice, Lilach decided to dedicate herself to supporting the cause, bringing to the agency and its clients more than a decade of professional expertise in strategic planning, business development and clients relations. She is delighted to use her specialized background and experience to provide Baby Bloom with the
necessary tools to succeed, whilst contributing her management skills to ensure that its clients receive only the highest levels of service.