Understand the surrogate selection process

Definition of Needs

Distance of surrogate’s residence from the clinic, her willingness to carry twins or a single baby, her capability of moving forward quickly for a speedy process, consent to seeking out the cheapest options, and more.

Presentation of available surrogates

Baby Bloom will present you with a variety of surrogates who are available immediately, and who best suit your needs out of
a large pool of surrogates.

Costs Clarification

Baby Bloom will clarify the total costs derived from the choice of each suitable surrogate (fixed and variable) and negotiate to reduce these costs wherever possible.

Surrogate Introductions

Baby Bloom will set up Skype calls with surrogate candidate and be present with the prospective parents during these calls. Baby Bloom will also ensure that the medical screening, psychological evaluation and checking for criminal records, suits the prospective parents’ needs.


Baby Bloom will conduct a thorough inspection of the surrogate’s insurance status and provide decision making advice based on consultations.

Legal Agreement

Baby Bloom will provide legal advice regarding the agreement between the surrogate and the intended parents.

Travel to the U.S. and the signing of the legal agreement

Baby Bloom will set up the meeting between the intended parents and the surrogate in the U.S., and will oversee the smooth connection between the two, including the processes of signing the surrogacy agreement, in vitro fertilization, pregnancy and birth.

How to choose a donor?

The donor will account for half of the genetic composition of your future child or children, so choosing the right one is both exciting and daunting. We work closely with a wide range of donor databases to find you your ideal donor.

We encourage you to set exacting criteria on factors such as intelligence, physical looks and personality; our team of experts will take care of analysing the medical and genetic reports.

The procedure

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is a medical process that uses hormones and drugs to maximize the number of eggs retrieved from the donor’s ovaries. After retrieving the eggs, they are fertilized with the sperm of the potential parent using a unique incubation technology. Five days later, the embryos are genetically tested to determine how many of them will be selected.

The Clinic

Baby Bloom works only with the world’s prestigious fertility clinics, most of which promise a 100% success rate. This means that the clinic guarantees you a child at one fixed cost, regardless of how many cycles of IVF are carried out. All of the clinics are regulated by the FDA and their success rates have been made public at www.sart.org.

Did you Know?

1. Conceiving a child naturally has a success rate of 3%. IVF increases this statistic to 92%!
2. IVF can produce twins. After the eggs are retrieved, they are divided into two groups. Each group of eggs is fertilized separately using the sperm of each spouse, so that each father has their own biological child.

The pregnancy

The first trimester

On the seventh week of the pregnancy, an ultrasound test is performed to ascertain whether your surrogate is carrying one child or twins. You can choose whether to attend this exciting procedure, or witness it via Skype.

The 20th week

You will find out whether you are having a boy or a girl! We recommend that all of our intended parents travel to the U.S. for this important scan.

Follow ups

>We supervise all stages of the pregnancy and arrange the smooth transition of your surrogate from the fertility clinic to a local physician.

The Birth

Preparing for the birth

We will make sure that you reach your big day thoroughly prepared. You’ll receive our Pregnancy Packet filled with information and instructions for the arrival of your baby.

In labor

We will contact the hospital prior to delivery to prepare the hospital for a surrogacy birth. We’ll arrange room right next to your surrogate, so you can be with her throughout the labor. We’ll also help you find an apartment nearby the hospital, where you can stay before and after the birth.

Our Support

We will take care of the legal process being conducted simultaneously, paternity proceedings,
the conversion (to Judaism) process, the citizenship recognition and the issuing of the american passports for the newly born(s).