Becoming a biological father as HIV+ man is possible!

As a man who is HIV positive, can I still become a bological parent throught surrogacy?

You just need to do some simple medical tests to reflect your medical status and then proceed according to the clinic’s instructions and recommendations.

Must such a prospective parent be with "undetectable" status?

The prospective parent does not have to be considered undetectable, but even if he is, the sperm is still required to undergo examination. This is due to the fact that even if the viral load in the blood is negligible this does not necessarily mean that the sperm is not contagious.

Dose the medical procedure involve anything else in addition to sperm washing?

The sperm washing test is not the only thing that this process includes. After collecting 3 semen samples within one week, a special laboratory tests the sperm and selects the cryopreserved sperm with an undetectable viral burden [fewer than 200 copies of HIV RNA and fewer than 10 infected cells per ml of semen]

Where is this process carried out?

There is only one FDA approved clinic in the U.S. (Bedford Research Foundation Clinical Laboratory in Massachusetts) which conducts the semen testing process. The prospective parent is required to visit the clinic regularly over an 8 day period. After approximately one month the test is complete and the selected sperm is sent to the FCLV clinic, with which we work, for the IVF process. The FCLV Clinic is ranked third among all U.S. clinics in terms of egg donation success rates. We have been working for over 15 years with this laboratory and led over 100 intended parents living with HIV to become happy parents with strong healthy kids.

How and where is the procedure carried out?

Allow yourself 8 days in Boston for the 3 semen samples the clinic needs and about a month for the clinic to complete all tests and transfer the seed to the clinic where the IVF procedure will take place.

Does Baby Bloom have experience in working with intended parents living with HIV?

Baby Bloom has extensive experience with intended parents living with HIV in collaboration with the Bedford laboratory clinic that does the IVF process. All such processes ensure total medical confidentiality.

Did You Know?

The first baby born to parents living with HIV after undergoing the abovementioned test was born in 1999 HIV free. Since then and until today, not a single recorded case exists in which a child who was born under such circumstance contracted HIV as a result of the process.